Counting Scale Review

Not a week goes by when we don’t get asked about a particular scale and if we think it’s a “good” scale for counting bolts or washers. The truth is we actually can tell you about quite a few good scales for counting out parts. There are several really affordable models that are fairly reliable and not too expensive. So we encourage you to do some homework on your side and figure out what features you absolutely must have. Then, once you determine that contact us with your requirements and we can give you some honest reviews on what scales we have been happy with and which ones haven’t lived up to the marketing hype.

To get you started on a few key issues you need to think about, you might want to start with your item weights you are looking to count. First you need to make sure the items you are looking to count need to weigh the same (approximately). If the parts are not fairly consistent it is almost impossible to really get an accurate count. Then, you should think about the weight of these items and the capacity of the scale you need. It is almost guaranteed that a customer will want to buy a scale that has too much capacity. Remember the higher the capacity the less sensitive the scale is going to be. In other words, if you try to count business cards on a counting scale with a 10 lb capacity, you probably can do that with a fairly small original sample size like 5 or 10 pieces. This should generally take the element of human error out of the equation. However, if you try to count business cards with a 200 lb capacity counting scale, you may have to get a sample of 25 or 50 cards, just to make sure the scale accurately measures such a small amount. When we humans try to count out 25 or 50 business cards at a time, the human error component now becomes a factor.