Count Quarters Dimes Nickels And Pennies With Ease

Counting does not have to be just for keeping track of screws, washers and bolts. Many people and businesses use counting scales to count quarters at a laundry center or a game center. The coin counting is completed simple and precise by the amazingly accurate DMC-782 Coin Counting Scale. Having a resolution of 1/500,000, the DMC-782 counts every coin every time-from mint condition to worn thin, stuck together or corroded. The inexpensive DMC-782 is robust and able to dependably weigh in all environments from retail store to factory, and relocated from one place to another. With the optionally available 300-hour rechargeable battery pack on board, the DMC-782 is fantastic for mobile work stations and outdoor coin collection and counting.

The big platter size caters to coin containers of all sizes from rolls, envelopes and pouches to the most significant cash drawers and bins. The proven results are effortlessly read on the DMC 782’s backlit Liquid crystal display. Preset keys may be programmed for eighteen memory storage spots. Standard US coin values are tagged and the remainder of storage locations can be utilized for customized tokens or other demands. Real-time data streams from the DMC782 to a computer through a regular RS-232 serial output.