Sometimes Cheap Is Not As Good

We received this note from a reputable scale manufacturer this week and thought we would post the information.

There are several $100 range counting scales currently in the market place, typically these products are for sale on material handling company websites or auction sites.  The problem is their AD is only 10 bit.  This is a less than a $1 component used only in kitchen and bathroom scales.  It is like selling a $10 kitchen scale and put counting software on it with a bigger casing and have the display showing 30,000 divisions and sell for $100.  No wonder why this is SO CHEAP.  Good for counting apples and oranges only.

This is how to test.  Put something on the scale, assuming it reads 10.234 pounds.
60lb / 30,000 division = 0.002 lb

Now slowly put very small piece of paper (one at a time) on the scale and see if the weight or count can go up by 1 division, that is the next increment should show 10.236 pounds.  If it doesn’t then the scale is no good because the display is not 30,000 division.  The cheaper scales with low AD will likely show a large jump like 10:234 lb and then next jump will be 10.240.  It is the software making the scale to visually display in 30,000 divisions.

This is like a $10 330 lb x 0.2 lb (1650 d) bathroom scale, put a counting software and expand the display to 330 lb x 0.01 lb (33,000 division) and call this a counting scale.  Internally it is still a $10 scale, not a $100 scale.  Yes, bathroom scales use a 10 bit processor, it is a part of the microchip and without AD.