Operation As A Counting Scale

Sometimes customers know very little about actual counting on a counting scale. Below is an excerpt from the PC905 counting scale manual that mentions the basic counting function of the counting scale. Counting consists of two major steps; entering a piece weight and adding the items to be counted. You enter the piece weight in one of these ways:

• key in a known piece weight
• bulk sampling or dribble sampling (bulk is the default method)
• reverse sampling, method 1 or method 2 (method 1 is default).This can be used if either bulk or dribble is enabled.

These are fully explained in their respective sections below along with step by step instructions for counting using these methods. Sampling methods were set up before you received your scale but they can be changed. Once a piece weight is established, it remains active until another piece weight is manually entered, automatically calculated by a sampling process, or the piece weight is cleared by pressing CLR/ and then the PIECE WEIGHT key.

General Counting Information
If the COUNT annunciator is lit, numbers on the display show the number of pieces on the scale. If the WEIGHT annunciator is lit, the display shows the weight of the items on the scale. Press the COUNT/WEIGHT key to switch between these two. If there is no piece weight, the scale will not go into count mode when you press the COUNT/WEIGHT key. After counting items, remove them and the display should return to zero. If not, press the ZERO key. The STABLE annunciator is controlled by the weight division setting and STABLE setting in SCALE menu and does not necessarily reflect the stability in the count mode. You can key in a known tare weight on the numeric keypad and press the TARE key. This enters the tare weight and the TARE indicator lights to remind you that there is an active tare weight.

When you press the SAMPLE key the scale performs an auto-zero or tare. A counting scale needs a minimum amount of weight to calculate counts with accuracy. Avery Weigh-Tronix recommends the sample weight be a minimum of 0.04% of scale capacity for 99% accuracy.